Leadership & Staff




  • Pastor: Robert E. Slade

  • Lay Leader:   Frances Robinson

  • Chair, Council:  Charlene Skinner            

  • Vice-Chair, Council: Samuel Carter [votes in the absence of the Chair]     

  • Lay Member to Annual Conference:  Frances Robinson

  • Secretary, Council and Charge Conference:  Joyce Slade

  • Chair, Board of Trustees:  Melvin Coles, Jr.

  • Vice-Chair, Board of Trustees:  Eloise Colbert [votes in the absence of the Chair]

  • Chair, Finance:  Michelle Greene

  • Vice Chair, Finance: Angela Williams [votes in the absence of the Chair]

  • Treasurer:  Joni Campbell

  • Assistant Treasurer:  Coire Kyle      

  • Financial Secretary: Janice Aiken

  • Assistant Financial Secretaries: Bernice Hemsley

  • Chair, Staff Parish Relations:  Samuel Carter

  • Vice-Chair, Staff Parish Relations:  Lee Utsey

  • Chair, Lay Leadership Development:  Robert E. Slade, Pastor

  • Vice-Chair, Lay Leadership Development:  Gabrielle Peace

  • Chair, Worship:  Willie Borden

  • Music, Arts & Worship, (MAW):  Jeannetta Donnell

  • Membership Secretary:  Shenelle Colbert

  •  Calendaring:  Wanda R. Wheeler

  • President, United Methodist Men:  Lee Utsey

  • Vice-President, United Methodist Men:  Samuel Carter

  • President, United Methodist Women:  Madge Miles

  • Vice-President, United Methodist Women:  Minister DaMali Rector

  • Youth Coordinator:  Deedra Jones

  • Youth Representative, Teens for Christ: Ebony Coby 

  • Youth Representative, Teens for Christ: (indicates voting members of the Council & names in red italics indicates new members for 2015)


Robert E. Slade, Pastor                                                     

Reverend Ralph Shorter – Evangelism                              

Minister DáMali Rector – Bible Study/Tribal Leader     

Minister LaVerne West – Marriage/Couples                         

Lay Servants - Frances P. Robinson, Lay Leader

Mattie Cox-Greene                 Deedra Jones                Brian Hyman            

Novella Jackson          Trina Philyaw               Susie Moore      

Joyce Slade                 Rhoda Slade                 Clifton Yorkman                  

Willie Borden              Yvonne Willis

Tribal Leaders – Pastor Robert E. Slade, Facilitator

Tribe of Asher:  Charles & Tovia Simien                    Tribe of Benjamin: Minister DáMali Rector

Tribe of Dan:  Susie Redmond, Keitha Williams       Tribe of Gad:  Earle & Darrie Graham

Tribe of Judah: Sharon Cornnor Jackson                    Tribe of Manasseh: Earnestine Curtis

Tribe of Reuben: Julia Harlaque                                 Tribe of Simeon: Patricia Love

Tribe of Zebulun: Carmelita Walker                           Tribe of Issachar: Elizabeth Colbert

Tribe of Ephraim:  Clifton Yorkman                          Tribe of Naphtali:  Novella Jackson

Tribe of Levi:  Willie Borden

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Class of 2017                         Class of 2018                         Class of 2019            

Leonard Philyaw                     Sam Carter                              Lee Utsey

Vivian Washington                 Yvonne Waller                        Keitha Williams

Susie Moore                            Debra Boston                          Marc Greene

Board of Trustees

Class of 2017                         Class of 2018                         Class of 2019

Melvin Coles, Jr.                     Jeffrey Smith                          Darnell Driver

Michael Tucker                       Ron Clarke                              Eloise Colbert

Leonard Philyaw                     Deon Hemsley                        Kenneth Waller

Committee on Lay Leadership Development

Class of 2017                         Class of 2018                         Class of 2019

Willette Warner                       Debra Boston                          Julia Harlaque

Renee Ford                             Carolyn Johnson                     Earnestine Curtis

Ernest Dorsey                         Patricia Love                           Gabrielle Peace          

Finance Committee

Chair:  Michelle Greene         

Vice-Chair: Angela Williams                         

Financial Secretary:     Janice Aiken

Asst. Financial Secretary: Bernice Hemsley

Church Treasurer:  Joni Campbell

Assistant Treasurer: Coire Kyle

Church Council: Min. Nona Colbert              

SPRC: Samuel Carter

Trustees: Melvin Coles, Jr.                                         

Lay Leader: Frances Robinson

Lay Representatives to Annual Conference: Tina Robinson/Frances Robinson

Count Teams

1st Sunday Count Team Captain:  Allen Colbert

Count Team Members:  Aubrey Calvin, Tovia Simien, Angela Williams

2nd Sunday Count Team Captain:  Kotura Padgett

Count Team Members:  Bernice Hemsley, Evelyn Shaw, Janice Aiken

3rd Sunday Count Team Captain:  Angela Williams

Count Team Members:  Zelma Plummer, Angela Coles, Keitha Williams

4th Sunday Count Team Captain:  Eloise Colbert

Count Team Members:  Jeanette Gould, Toronto Jackson, Gwen Anderson

5th Sunday Count Team Captain:  Count Team Captains

Count Team Members:  Alternate Team Members

Alternate: Myra Smith, Brittany Boston

Worship Ministry

Worship Leader: Robert E. Slade, Pastor

Chairperson: Willie Borden                           

Choirs and Presidents:

  •             Chancel Choir:  Aldo Brown

  •             Youth Choir: Phyllis Harris-Bronson

  •             Men of Grace:  Aldo Brown

Worship Ministry (cont'd)

Praise and Worship:  Purcell Conway

Sounds of Glory:  Sharon Cornnor-Jackson

Voices of Grace: Jeannetta Donnell

Young Adult Ensemble: Phyllis Harris-Bronson

Musicians:  Voices of Grace: Dr. Ulysses Moyé, II

Sounds of Glory: Maurice Mayo

Chancel, Men of Grace, Youth and Young Adult Ensemble: Phyllis Harris-Bronson

Acolytes Ministry: Mattie Cox-Greene, Mary Jelks

Appointed by You Liturgical Dance Ministry: Monique Jackson

Diamonds in the Rough:  Janice Aiken

Mature by Grace Liturgical Dance Ministry: Janice Colbert

Unique Unity Dance Ministry: Raina Frye

Vessels of Praise Liturgical Dance Ministry: Tina Robinson

Flower Ministry: Donna Adams /Brenda Baker

Usher Board:  Lee Utsey

Communion Stewards:  Gwendolyn Riddick, Margaret Swinton

Music, Arts & Worship: Jeannetta Donnell

Nurture Ministry

Bereavement:  Patricia Love

Cemetery:  Lisa West

Church Historian: Chip Yorkman

Education:  Min. Nona Colbert

Equestrian Camp:  Deedra Jones

Family Life: Brenda Baker/Brittany Baker

Grace Institute: Min. Nona Colbert

Grief Share Ministry: Pastor Robert Slade/Carmelita Walker

Health & Welfare/Holistic Health:  Pamela Miles

Home Away from Home Ministry: Joyce Slade

Tribal Leaders:  Pastor Robert E. Slade, Deedra Jones

Mansfield Scholarship: Judy Estep

Marriage/Couples: Minister LaVerne West, Vaughn West

Military/Veterans Ministry: Lindsey Williams

Ministry to Children:  Noreen Swann

Nursing Ministry: Yvonne Willis, Phyllis Chapman, Novella Jackson, Donita Jackson

Spiritual Growth and Development: Robert E. Slade, Pastor

Sunday School Superintendent:  Beverly Meeks

Teens for Christ Ministry: Brian and Tanika Hyman, Renee Ford, Deedra Jones, Evelyn Shaw

Ministry to Singles: Minister DaMali Rector

Single Women's Ministry: Minister DaMali Rector

Young Adult Ministry:  Cheryl Conway/Alicia Williams

Outreach Ministry

Disaster Response Coordinator: Cheryl Conway

Evangelism:  Rev. Ralph Shorter

Grace Angel Care (GAC) Ministry: Samuel and Carolyn Carter

Hospitality: Cordelia Dorsey

Outreach Services and Resource Ministry: Vacant

Seed of Hope Ministry:  Renee' Peace Carr/ Don Colbert

Native American Ministry: Rita Hollingsworth

TIME Ministry: LaVerne Knight

Witness Ministry

Alzheimer's Support Ministry:  Barbara Stevenson, Gabrielle Peace, and Chip Yorkman

Communications: Leonard Philyaw

Disciple Makers Ministry: Pastor Robert E. Slade

Mark Patrol: Vaughn West

Multi-Media/Website: Rev. Ralph Shorter, Sr.

Newsletter Ministry: Renee Holtz-Sharp

One Call Now: Joyce Slade, Patricia Brown, Michelle Greene

Reclamation Ministry: Elizabeth L. Colbert

Security Ministry: Deon Hemsley

Transportation Ministry:  Eloise Colbert

Transportation Call Ministry: Novella Jackson